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5 Best Golf Woods – Which clubs to hit the ball as long as you can?

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Check out our list of five of the best golf woods (proven) currently available in the market.

Every golfer knows how a huge part of the game is choosing the right equipment. This ensures that no time goes wasted and you don’t ed up using up most of your energy trying to fix broken or inefficient equipment.

Picking up the right clubs and balls is fundamental, as what you’re using to play for your course not only dictates how well you can score but also ensures an enjoyable experience.

And when it is about what golf clubs you have and use, one can never emphasize enough the importance of having the right club. All golf games go in vain if you’re not swinging it right!

Without the right equipment, not only your performance is at stake but you can also face injuries as well. Poorly designed or uncalibrated clubs can lead to pain in the joints, taking the fun out of the game.

One of the most important and fairly difficult clubs to use is the fairway woods. It can be much more difficult than a simple Google search to find out the ideal fairway wood that would fit your playstyle.

Hence, you, as a golfer, need to learn to evaluate and choose perfect fairway woods for yourself, even if it means taking significant pain and rigor to make the right choice.

One club might be offering a great look and adjustability, but you need to check the loft and budget as well. Maybe the same features are being offered with a different brand at a better price?

Now, you would probably be wondering how you can ensure that you’d find the right club. From tens of brands, which one should you choose for yourself?

With all these requirements and questions in our minds, it is absolutely important to know what options are the best when it comes to offering fairway woods.

And that is why, in this article, we are about to enlighten you about the 5 best golf woods that are can add massive value and comfort to your play style.

Best Golf Woods – Reviews

Big Bertha B21 Driver

 Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver - A quick view

Callaway was not cutting any slack when they introduced their Big Bertha to the market, designing it for sheer distance in any and all the ways you can swing it.

With an ultra-low forward CG made to ensure a low spin, the club is designed to offer much more distance to the golfer as well as the golf ball flying off the turf easily.

That is not where the features stop though. The club also offers a straight flight path for the ball using its uniquely designed club head that not only looks good but works as well!

The club is also built with incredibly strong and light material that is not only durable but also allows exceptional forgiveness, speed, and spin characteristics.

All in all, the Big Bertha is more than impressive with its trendy look, design and feel, durability as well as all the features in terms of performance it is offering!


  • Highly regarded for exceptional looks
  • Offers great durability with performance


  • Expensive
  • Users might not appreciate the acoustics
amazon logo$349.98Check price on Amazon
walmart logo$278.66Check price on Walmart

Cleveland Turbo HB

Cleveland HB Turbo - Main informations

With a turbo-charged face, the HB Turbo has earned a name for offering not only an increased ball speed with its steel face but also an explosive distance.

Using a data-driven approach that aims to help frustrated golfers, Cleveland aims to make life easier by using a purpose-built design. The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo is packing the latest swinging technology!

Besides looking sleek and modernistic, the club is designed with a progressive hollow shaping that gives a great boost to forgiveness while making the experience of holding or using the club a breeze.

The Launcher HB Turbo comes with a broad club face that not only offers an increased speed even if you do not manage to hit the sweet spot on the ball.

Interestingly, the Launcher HB Turbo comes in both steel and graphite models, both in sets and solo clubs, making it quite a viable option for golfers.


  • Offers exceptional forgiveness.
  • Hollow construction offers great stabilization.
  • Comes in both sets and solo clubs
  • Stylish and trendy


  • Sound might not be appealing for golfers
amazon logo$799.95Check price on Amazon
walmart logo$97.99Check price on Walmart

Cobra RadSpeed

Cobra RadSpeed - Description

Cobra has earned quite a name for itself in the golf industry, leading many professional golfers to victory with their extremely calibrated and designed equipment.

Players all over the world have welcomed and applauded the arrival of RadSpeed. Many of them have been amazed by how clean and awesome the club head looks like.

Beyond its looks, the club comes with radial weighting technology that optimizes the speed and forgiveness of the swing to the ball to an incredible level.

The club face is not just for looks though; the “infinity edge’ design expands the milled area by a whopping 95% and allows greater control over the zone that allows maximum ball speed.

From its head to its shaft, the RadSpeed is built with a long list of premium materials including graphite, carbon fibers, and stainless steel, improving the durability, feel, and weight of the club.

There has also been great praise for the Hollow Split Rail design for the sole in the club. It was built to prevent the club from digging into the turn while you swing!

For golfers who do think they’re missing an excellent fairways wood, the RadSpeed can be a well-needed addition to their golfing kit.


  • Thinner and lighter than most competition
  • Praised for the head shape
  • Delivers excellent distance


  • Some players might not appreciate the modernistic head
  • Expensive
amazon logo$699.99Check price on Amazon
walmart logo$699.99Check price on Walmart

Honma Tour World GS

Honma Tour World GS - A quick view

Honma has managed to achieve in giving players a chance to improve their speed and delivery by simply changing a club. While designing their fairway woods, they have managed to make improvement convenient.

Designed with the Flit Slot technology, the club reduces spin to a great extent and allows for better speed even if you want to retain your original swing! No wonder GS means “gaining speed”.

Add it to the sleek look that the World GS entails and you would have yourself a fine club that can be a gem to have when you’re on your course.


  • Prized for great looks and sound
  • Offers exceptional speed with convenience


  • Non-traditional design may not be appealing
amazon logo$249.99Check price on Amazon

TaylorMade SIM 2

TaylorMade SIM 2 - Quick description

Taylor takes pride in being one of the pioneering brands of modern golf equipment, driven by the passion to serve golfers all over the world with the best that they can get.

With the SiM 2 family, TaylorMade has taught golfers that they should not just want better shots but expect them when they’re using their equipment.

The SiM 2 comes with a lot of performance upgrades over its predecessor and is built for golfers who are looking for a higher swing but don’t want to miss out on any distance.


  • Exceptional performer in distance
  • Convenient to use


  • Acoustics are not pleasing
amazon logo$449.99Check price on Amazon
walmart logo$582.32Check price on Walmart

Final Verdict

Just like how all your golf equipment should be optimized for your personal usage, don’t forget the importance of having ideal fairway woods for yourself! The better equipped you are, the better you can play!

Even though it might be easier to just choose what professional golfers choose, it is always important to understand what clubs could offer you the best performance.

What we can say about these impressive fairway woods is that while all of these are great, you should really look to get one that fits your requirements and play style.

If you’re looking for one that delivers excellent performance with a trendy and modern design, the Big Bertha might be the one you’re looking for.

If you want a broader strike face that offers a great distance even if you are currently practicing your swing, perhaps you could take a closer look at the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo.

If you’re fond of aesthetics and performance together, then you should take a look at the dazzling masterpiece RadSpeed that Cobra has introduced to the markets.

If speed is what you’re looking for, the Honma Tour World GS is the perfect fit, as it’s aimed at helping in “gaining speed (GS)”. Unlike its competition, it’s got a crispy sound to it too.

The TaylorMade SiM2 is one of the finest fairway woods when it comes to hitting distance. If you think you’re lacking distance, this is what you need to look at.

However, after due consideration, there needs to be a champion among the best as well, fairway ball that can be considered as one of the most promising and reliable options out there.

And in our eyes, the Cobra RadSpeed, for its modern and innovative design that packs a great performance behind it’s looks is one of the best fairway wood being offered in 2022.

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