Callaway Mavrick Max Individual Irons

The Callaway Golf 2020 MAVRIK MAX iron is the focus of this review.

MAVRIK MAX is a great improvement in Callaway’s MAVRIK iron line. It has wider soles, a larger shapes and a deeper focus for more forgiveness and easier launching.

How does MAVRIK MAX really work? When is it worth playing with Pro and Standard versions? Continue reading to learn what you need to do to make an accurate choice.

Global product appreciation

On the 2020 Golf Digest Hot List, the MAVRIK MAX iron earned a gold medal in the Super Game-Improvement segment. On the official Callaway website and Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, it has an overall consumer ranking of 4.8/5.0 97 % recommended.

Many people who have tried the MAX have complained that it does not provide enough of an advantage over the MAVRIK Standard; it has less gap and almost the same amount of forgiving.

Callaway Mavrick Max Individual Irons Review

Highlighted features

Tungsten Power

Customized weights cast in tungsten allow accurate positioning of the center of gravity (CG) for optimal launch, spin rate, trajectory, and landing angles during assembly.

Flash Face Cup

Designed by artificial intelligence, it consists of complex face architecture unique to each board in the set. This results in even faster ball speeds and smooth rotation.

Urethane Microspheres

This exclusive Callaway creation absorbs unwanted vibrations and improves sound and feel while maintaining a very high COR in the Flash Face Cup. The main differences are the size and location of CG.

The MAX has a wider sole, a lower/deeper CG, and a larger body. This is designed to give higher handicappers more confidence by providing a higher launch and spin rate

Stock Information

There are a variety of fixed setups available, ranging from the 4-iron to the sand wedge and all in between. Personal irons are also available. The standard package is 4-PW. The original steel handle is KBS MAX 80, while the original graphite handle is Project X Catalyst HL 75/65/55.

The original grip is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360. There are more than 100 different handles to choose from and a host of custom handles. You can also adjust their lengths, lofts, and lie angles. The Callaway website has accurate details on shafts, handles, and other customization options if you’re interested.

How does this perform?


I’ll get straight to the point while the speed of the ball is practically equal to the standard MAVRIK, the distance is a bit shorter. I guess it’s not just because of the higher launch and slightly higher spin speeds, however, the lofts are also weaker.

I know people who have seen MAX irons in the distance, while others and I have seen larger drops. The exact distance results depend on your natural path of trajectory, shot, shaft, swing speed, and other factors.

If you usually find it difficult to lift the ball into the air, you will probably achieve better performance with the MAX. Typical golfers with a high handicap will hardly see the distance compared to the Standard, let alone the Pro.


It has two elements. In terms of loss of ball speed and moment of inertia for strokes that do not hit the center of the stick, MAX has the same forgiveness as the standard because the architecture of the stick is the same. In that sense, Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.

The body is also slightly larger, so some golfers hit hard shots more easily. When it comes to how fast it is to throw the ball into the air, the MAX consistently outperforms the competition. The spin and launch rates are also higher.

All things considered, you can claim that forgiveness is at best slightly better than the MAVRIK standard. Whether this translates into better performance at the end of the day depends on the individual golfer.


Not surprisingly, MAVRIK MAX irons usually fly a little higher and have a little more revolutions than standard irons. It is easy to get a good flight with a medium and long iron, which gives you great stopping power on the greenery. Short irons are fine, but I personally find them a bit awkward because of their size.


For precision shot makers, the MAX is the worst iron in the MAVRIK line. Formatting photos can be inconvenient, so if that matters to you, take a look at the Pro or Standard models. However, the MAX is very playful and mows the grass very well, making it a very reliable iron in this regard.


For starters, the body of MAVRIKA MAX is slightly larger than standard. The top line is about the same thickness, maybe a little thicker and a little more rounded. What you will probably find most interesting is the increase in the amount of the fee, which can help some golfers measure the impact.

In general, there is not much difference in appearance between the MAX and the standard. It has almost the same badge design some like it, some don’t like it with the addition of the “MAX” tag. Some would say there is not enough difference.

Feeling And Sound

The feel and sound of the MAX is similar to the standard, but the changed head size and position of the CG certainly make a difference. There’s still that buttery feeling and there’s no dissonant vibration, which is great.

At the same time, I find MAX to be a little bouncy and maybe even a little warmer on the face, which can often be found on GI irons. Missed shots are more like sweet spots. For higher handicaps who aren’t too keen on serious game improvement, this won’t be a problem, but those looking for accurate sound and tactile feedback will leave something to be desired.


It’s ideal for high handicappers aiming for optimum launch and a wide clubhead can use this club.

MAVRIK MAX iron work in many ways in the same way as standard MAVRIK boards. The only advantage the MAX has seems to be a little faster starting and turning.

Ultimately, there’s not a lot to do with MAX above the standard unless you traditionally make the effort to lift the irons into the air. The distance is a little smaller; the body is larger and more forgiving in terms of maintaining the speed of the ball.

Despite this, they are just as affordable as standard MAVRIKS, and I recommend them, try to check how they stand.

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