titleist pro V1X golf ball

Titleist Pro V1X Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1x has undergone major changes for 2021 as the brand has gone through a focus method process to improve the performance of each layer of golf balls.

Titleist doesn’t mess around when it comes to updating Top Best Golf’s Ball. Before introducing the new Pro V1x to the public, two years of development and months of tour seeding were done.The new Brand promises to take the famous ball to the next level. The Pro V1x is designed for players who want more trajectories, increased spin compared to the Pro V1, with a slightly firmer feel.

Ball-to-ball consistency is also a great selling point for the Titleist in ensuring that golfers, whether they are amateurs or the best in the world, from round to round, can consistently perform the same sorts of shots.

Every new generation of the balls is the best performing and most consistent models ever thanks to Titleist’s continuing investment in modern technology and quality control at Ball Plants 4 and 3, where every Pro V1x is made to the industry’s highest performance and quality criteria.

The new ball has undergone changes in every layer: the redesigned 2.0 ZG process core offers longer distances in the dual-core Pro V1x, The quicker ionomer high-flex casing, which was seen on the Pro V1x Left Dash option, adds speed and long-game spin.

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

Global product appreciation

The new Titleist Pro V1x golf ball has been beautifully designed to give an overall performance for every golfer while also delivering outstanding quality and consistency on every shot.

Longer distance, a higher trajectory, lower long game spin, improved Drop-and-Stop greenside control, and a softer feel are all attributes of the new Pro V1x.

The New Titleist Pro V1x golf ball delivers overall performance from tee to green with a high trajectory and softer feel for golfers wanting to shoot their best scores.

2021 Titleist Pro V1X Golf Balls review

The Titleist Pro V1x 2021 Golf Ball Review is based on what was already a premium product in the 2020 version. For golfers who don’t bother with long game spin, this model offers excellent consistency and trajectory that combines distance and control.

Highlighted features

Prominent GuidesProvides improved alignment and improved placement accuracy. The Titleist Pro V1x 2021 Golf Ball promises golfers a combination of remote play with a high degree of control. And a short feel that builds on previous versions of the ball.
New Faster Low Spin Casing LayerProvides higher ball speed and reduces long game spin during gameplay. In the long game, a quicker high-flex Casing Layer increases ball speed while lowering spin for greater outcomes off the tee. This layer is a high-speed, very robust ionomer that was first created for the Pro V1x Left Dash – a ball designed primarily for Tour use and with the same launch characteristics as the Pro V1x.
Longer Distance With Constant FlightLonger distance, a higher trajectory, lower long game spin, improved Drop-and-Stop greenside control, and a softer feel are all attributes of the new Pro V1x.
Redesigned Process Core 2.0 ZGFormulated for longer distances. The outer parts of the solid core increased stiffness, while the center remained soft, creating a faster engine with higher ball speeds and less speed.
Spherically Tiled 348 Tetrahedral DimpleProvides high, stable flight, With 388 dimples on the Pro V1 and 348 on the Pro V1x, the balls now have a novel spherically tiled Tetrahedral Dimple Design. The design was created to optimize each model for optimum distance and flight consistency, according to Titleist. The Pro V1 will have the same penetrating ball flight as last year’s ball, while the Pro V1x will fly higher.
The Highest-Flying Titleist Golf Ball Has A Low Long Game Spin And A High TrajectoryThe Pro V1x boasts a high, rapid flight that gives a spin to the player when they need it most. In comparison to the Pro V1, the ball is designed for players who want a little higher trajectory, more spin, and a firmer grip.
Soft FeelSlightly firmer than the Pro V1. The softer cast urethane elastomer cover, which is the softest formulation ever utilized on the Pro V1 range, offers more greenside spin for enhanced greenside accuracy

The 2021 Pro V1X promises golfers a combination of remote play with a high degree of control and a short feel that builds on previous versions of the ball. We wanted to see a performance comparison ourselves, so we tested the Titleist Pro V1x 2021 golf balls on a SkyTrak launch monitor at West Hill Golf Club.

The first thing you’ll notice about the latest version of the Pro V1x is its long turnaround in gaming. In our tests, it averaged 300 rpm compared to the 2020 version. However, the trajectory was very similar, probably because the 2021 Pro V1x had a 1 higher launch angle.

From the beginning, we felt that a certain distance gain compared to the previous generation was quite minimal, but the trajectory was stronger and this was especially noticeable in our field tests.

It was obviously off the tee that the Pro V1x spins more than the 2021 Pro V1, but less so when striking into the greens. Both models generated consistent flight (the Pro V1x’s peak height was 1 yard higher than the Pro V1) and outstanding stopping power onto the greens throughout our 7-iron testing.

The Pro V1x feels firmer than the Pro V1. However, in our tests, we often struggle to catch these differences, especially with balls and shots when the club is moving slowly. Both balls feel good on the green and in front of us; other elements of the performance were more striking.

One of the main benefits of performing the new Titleist Pro V1x became apparent when we tested the balls on a very windy day on the golf course. The flying power of the ball we noticed when testing the launch monitor resulted in excellent performance here. It was clear how far we could go if we collided and with a crosswind.

Let’s dive into the details.

How does this perform?

A More Soft Feeling Of The New Core Of The So-ProcessThe Titleist worked from the inside of the ball to the outside, smoothing the core of the new Pro V1x golf balls. If you are wondering which ZG is part of the process, ZG means Zero Gradients. There is little cover for the multitude of steps the Titleist takes to ensure that each Pro V1x core is similar to any other Pro V1x core, regardless of when it was manufactured or from which furnace it comes. The ZG procedure refers to ensuring consistency from ball to ball and all of the following.
High Flex Casing LayerSoftening the core alone would have a speed influence, and the goal isn’t a slower or shorter ball. Titleist is utilizing a high-flex casing layer to balance the reduced compression core, essentially making the adjustments to the new model’s compression neutral. Although some golfers claim both feel a bit softer, the compression for the Titleist Pro V1x should be similar to the prior generation. Titleist’s expertise with the high-compression Pro V1x left instrument panel provided the foundation for the shell layer. Allows you to play a long game while maintaining your pace.
Softer Cover – New Dimple PatternsWhile everything about the 2021 Titleist Pro V1x may be considered “new and improved,” I’d argue that the cover is where the most substantial modifications have occurred. The cast urethane cover material is softer, and both balls have a redesigned dimple design. There are 388 dimples on the Pro V1 and 348 on the Pro V1x. The first part gives you a smoother feel and more spin green for both balls.

The Titleist claims that the new whole design allows for a longer, more consistent flight. It’s the standard language for throwing a ball, but the real impact is a more consistent steady flight when you’re in the wind or dealing with a crosswind. The end result is a firmer spread, even when conditions are less than ideal. With the Pro V1x’s details covered, it’s worth taking a few moments and diving into the pits like the unsung heroes of golf ball design and performance.

While many manufactures use the same dimple design on all or some of their balls, Titleist does not employ the same dimple design on all of its models. Dimples help to maximize flight, based on the other aspects of the ball’s shape, in addition to keeping the ball in the air and flying as straight as your swing permits.


It’s Extreme But Considers It This Way. Ball speed originates from the core. Speed and compression are related if some material variations are taken into account. It’s the straightforward reason why “soft” means “slow.”

The hardness differential between layers causes spin. High spin is produced by soft layers over hard layers, whereas low spin is produced by hard layers over soft.

It’s why low compression balls, particularly two-piece versions, have a low spin fundamentally.

In terms of the ball’s design, a hard casing or mantle layer on top of a softer core results in lesser driver and iron spin. Soft coverings on top of a firm casing layer give you extra spin on the green and in other shots when the core isn’t engaged.

We’ve covered ball speed, core and spin, layer differences, and now we’re ready to launch.

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