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Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway introduces the new Supersoft Golf Balls 12B PK for 2021, giving amateur golfers a smooth sense of distance. Golf is not just throwing a ball into a hole. It is a game that requires patience, skill, and precision.

A bad golf ball can throw everything out the window and result in a bad shot no matter how skillful the game is. That’s why you need the perfect golf ball. Could Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Be The Best Choice For You?

Well, if you’re looking for an affordable golf ball in a variety of colors or just want to know more, read our review on Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls that includes a list of features.

If you’re a golfer, you’ve heard of Callaway. If you are a new golfer, Callaway is a global sports equipment company popular with golfers around the world.

Callaway Supersoft - Front Face

Callaway Golf Supersoft 12B PK Review

The Supersoft golf ball has been one of the most popular balls among fans for years. The new balls feature a number of significant changes from the 2020 model, including a new hybrid cover made with the Dow Paraloid impact modifier, which Callaway says provides long-range, excellent turning, exceptional feel, and short game control.

The compression core is designed to create maximum ball speed with an excellent combination of treble and low speed on your longer sticks.

Finally, Supersoft’s two-piece HEX aero cartridge reduces drag for better start-up and optimized trajectory. Callaway launched Supersoft alongside Supersoft Max, which is 3% larger than the standard model, and ERC Soft, the brand’s longest soft-release golf ball.

Highlighted features

SensationExceptional distance, turning, feel and control
MaterialsThe new hybrid Cover features the innovative PARALOID Impact modifier produced by DOW. This allowed Callaway to create a very versatile multi-material construction.
BehaviourThey provide an impressive combination of high ball speeds, high and low revs, smoothness, durability, and excellent control on the field. Callaway’s soft compression core maximizes energy transfer to increase ball speed while promoting big throw and small spin on your longer sticks for greater distance.
TrajectoryMaximum consistency and optimized trajectory. HEX aerodynamics is optimized to reduce drag and improve lift for better transport and greater flight.
ColorsYou can choose between 6 colors : white, light yellow, matte red, matte green, matte pink, matte orange.

How does this perform?

CoverHybrid cover made with Dow PARALOID impact modifier
DurabilityYou’ll lose balls before they wear out or spoil, but don’t worry if the inevitable happens! You get 12 balls per purchase and they will surely last. The ball is made with a Surlyn cover, which is considerably more durable than urethane, but not as soft.
Watch and feelIf you are worried about losing the ball, you always have the option to choose a light color. Lighter colors are much more likely to stand out from the green field background, so if rolling is a problem for you, it’s probably best to choose a bright pink or yellow.

The balls have a new trigonometric cover formulation, which has low compression for better feel and control on the turf. This makes them super soft and they roll well in the hand and on the track. The lid is filled with surf which makes it an influence that golfers cherish. The HEX aero cover helps promote longer, smoother strokes and reduces bumps and cuts.
PerformanceWhen setting up, you may need a few practice strokes to get used to the feel of the ball on the green. The ball has a gentle feel to it, allowing it to slide easily over the green. It takes some time to adapt.

The smoothness of the ball makes it much easier to feel the ball as you place it, which can increase the accuracy of your shot. Some golfers may find it too soft on the green, but it all depends on your personal preferences.

This ball also features superior hexagonal aerodynamics, which fine-tunes surfaces to reduce drag while improving lift, allowing those balls to fly higher, more upright, and faster than ever before. The Callaway Supersoft golf ball design gives the ball a very low spin, which is essential for those straight, precise moves.

In addition, as you would expect from a golf ball of a brand like Callaway, the materials are not only qualities that give golf balls great durability, but modern technology ensures optimal ball performance in many rounds. In addition, it comes in a variety of colors, so if a standard white golf ball isn’t good for you, you might want to look for something a little different.

All in all, compared to other options on the market, Callaway Supersoft is truly a leader in this field. This can easily be seen from the number of positive reviews this golf ball gets. It is constantly mentioned that this option gives the most affordable golf balls on the market.

Although designed for beginner golfers like Titleist Tour Soft, there are places for this golf ball in the bag of more experienced players. For example, if the temperature drops, it is more beneficial to play with a softer golf ball.

So if it’s a cold, dark day, it might be worth putting that golf ball in your bag to replace it for optimal performance.


The golf ball you choose can create or break your game, and Callaway Supersoft golf balls are sure to create the game for you.

Your strokes will probably be much more accurate with these balls and they are super durable so they last a long time.

These balls offer greater distances than normal, and the resistance is also significantly lower than the others.

To summarize our review of Callaway Supersoft, you really can’t go wrong with this golf ball. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also durable, sleek, and designed for beginners or those with less swing speed.

Golfers who have a slower swing pace and are searching for a luxury brand without wasting a lot of money should consider the Callaway Supersoft. However, this golf ball should also be considered by more experienced golfers who can play in colder temperatures and need something a little softer during that time.

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