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adidas Men’s Adicross Bounce 2

Adidas Men’s Adicross Bounce 2 Golf Shoes are designed for all-day comfort and are stylishly functional.

This Adidas Men’s Adicross Bounce 2 Golf Shoe goes from the course to the roadsides. Super-soft Cloudfoam cushioning and a flexible Bounce midsole combines for ultimate comfort and mobility. On and off the course, a unique lacing system ensures a secure fit.

Adidas Adicross Bounce 2 golf shoes for men are available in a wide range of colors, and most models offer at least 3 different designs, and some up to 7 shades. If you want, you can have them in classic black or white. Some are poorly equipped and have soles that you can wear in a clubhouse or even on the street as casual sportswear, with the subtly printed famous Adidas Trefoil logo printed.

They have a complete selection for men, women, and young people, and within each range, you can choose different levels of performance, depending on the materials and technique. No matter what level you play, these extremely functional and comfortable golf shoes will not allow you or your swing down.

The Adidas AdiCross Bounce 2 golf shoe moves smoothly from the track to the roadsides.

As Adidas Golf President Lienhart Jeff said in an interview with GOLF, the AdiCross style “is a little more urban-inspired, a little cooler and more modern today”.

This relaxed golf sneaker features a super-soft Cloudfoam cushion with a flexible Bounce sole for lasting versatility and comfort.

The custom lacing system provides firm support with a lightweight Forgeframe that keeps your foot stable during each golf swing.

adidas Men’s Adicross Bounce 2 Golf Shoe Review

Adidas Men’s Adicross Bounce 2 Golf Shoe offers a wide range of styles and technologies. You can get a pair of classic retro-looking shoes or more modern styles that resemble their shoes.

The pads from Cloudfoam combine with their technology among the Bounce soles to provide you with the maximum comfort you could wish for. Adidas’ special net tying system ensures that the shoes sit securely on the feet without feeling too tight.

Highlighted Features

Fully integrated technology and the sleek face of Adidas Adicross Bounce 2.0 can capture the following players:
Beginners looking for an affordable starting shoe.
Practical individuals are annoyed by changing before and after each game.
Former Adicross owners who are not looking for an upgrade without nonsense.
OutsoleThere is no advice for the fearless. The underside of the Adicross Bounce 2 features an aggressive pattern and strategically placed traction wedges to ensure maximum traction on the grass on a variety of surfaces.
Middle SoleBounce for Joy. The inside of this Adidas golf shoe features a continuous bounce sole. This type of foam liner is specially designed for outdoor sports. Emphasizes spectacular shoe grooves, which improve comfort and stability, regardless of movement.
Shoe accessory. Fit is an important feature of athletic shoes. This shoe has a sock-like construction that wraps the foot for extra comfort.
UpperA mixture of techniques. Always pushing the boundaries of the shoe, Three Stripes boldly combines several elements in one piece. This version of Addicross contains a combination of fabric, leather and synthetics. Each has different benefits that the shoe absorbs.

How does this perform?

Weightless SupportViewed on other Adidas golf shoes, this product also uses a forging technique to apply heat to areas where stability is most needed. Eliminates the need for additional material that can burden the foot.
Give The Lace A TwistThe use of laces is perhaps the most traditional feature of this shoe, but this one is also given a unique treatment. The cross-stitching system, with multiple rows of eyelets and a wrapped saddle wrapped, offers adjustable adjustment and locks in the foot.
Fun In The BackThe back of the shoe has a different structure than the rest of the shoe. The TPU material serves more than just contrast in style, it acts as a heel that prevents the foot from moving, especially when twisted.


Adidas aims to come up with a definition of what a golf shoe should like. Despite the multitude of lifestyle-inspired designs on the shelves, the Adidas Adicross Bounce 2 represents a game between serious golf and playfulness on the roadsides. The overall look of the shoe is versatile and clean, perfect for summer overalls and pastel-colored clothes.

The upper offers combinations of synthetic textiles and leather to create a water-repellent effect that keeps the feet dry while allowing enough air circulation to cool the feet during the course. They include an additional support structure in the form of a lightweight Forgeframe, which provides lateral support when transferring weight during play. Some come with external TPU tips for extra protection from scratches and preventing bumps on your toes.

The soles offer excellent grip, without the tapered Traxion profile without spikes that does exactly what the label says. Inside the built-in lining of the socks prevents abrasion and increases the feeling of comfortable support.

Modest and modern best describes the latest version of Addicross Bounce. This shoe offers a casual look well suited to the casual golf wear but combines it with the technologies needed for lasting comfort, grip, and stability on the off and on.

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