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Taylormade SIM 2 Max Driver Mens

With a unique forged ring construction technology, the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver for men golf is the form of forgiveness.

Building forged rings are the key to unlocking a new dimension of distance and forgiveness. Forged from high-strength lightweight aluminum milled into a precise shape, it combines a rear mass, a full-carbon sole, a crown, and a newly machined back. Create a driver designed for greater stability and forgiveness, giving golfers the confidence to tackle every stroke.

The asymmetric inertia generator is designed to achieve higher clubhead speeds through advanced aerodynamic and geometry analysis. The fully lightweight carbon sole redistributes the mass for deeper focus and greater forgiveness. To increase club forgiveness, the TaylorMade Twist Face improves ball speed by calibrating each clubhead to the threshold of the legal speed limit by corrective facial curvature that also protects against toe or heel miss-hits.

With a powerful design, the TaylorMade also features the most flexible Speed Pocket design, designed to maximize ball speed and produce additional forgiveness at low hits. For customization, the adjustable handle technology offers personalization and adjustability to optimize each golfer’s tracks, viewing angle and flight tilt settings, altitude changes up to -/+ 2 °, loft, and up to -/+ 20 meters deviation.

Equipped as standard with a premium Kuro Kage Silver or Fujikura Ventus Blue upper that offers two different ball flights. Ventus Blue offers a higher trajectory, and Kuro Kage Silver a medium-low trajectory, ideal for faster golfers.

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver Mens

Researchers at the TaylorMade Research Center first studied the correlation between disability and the location of balls holes in the face. Based on this data, they designed a new family of SIM drivers to best meet the needs of people with disabilities.

The SIM driver family includes SIM MAX-D, SIM MAX, and SIM driver. The main difference between the three members of the SIM driver family is the size of their faces.

The SIM driver is the smallest size, which is for good players with fewer handicaps. In contrast, SIM MAX and SIM MAX D drivers have (08%) eight percent and (18%) eighteen percent respectively meeting the needs of golfers with different handicap levels.

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver Men Review

The TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver men are a slightly larger and more forgiving version of SIM2. The same exceptional feeling. Throw a little more. A great choice for most golfers.

“Max” seems to be the name of half of the new drivers in 2021 and can create a lot of confusion about which clubs are for which players. We are here to clarify this. In the new TaylorMade line, Max highlights more farewell options. This review focuses on the TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver, which is the model that will be the best option for most golfers.

Highlighted Features

The Consistency And Face Of SpeedThe milled rear of the stick operates in tandem with a new speed injection port on the foot to push the speed of the ball to the threshold of the legal maximum limit.
Significant Speed Pocket protects low-impact face performance, while Twist Face continues to help golfers find more waterways.
Forged Ring ConstructionForged from high-strength lightweight aluminum milled into a precise shape, the forged sleeve construction combines massive rear weights, a full-carbon sole, a crown, and a milling back.
Create a rider who inspires confidence designed for greater stability and forgiveness.
Sim Inertial GeneratorThe asymmetric inertia generator is designed to achieve higher rod speeds through advanced geometry and aerodynamic analysis.
The fully lightweight carbon sole redistributes the mass for deeper focus and greater forgiveness.
Rotating Face With Fast InjectionThe injected Speed Twist improves ball speed by calibrating each bat head to the legal speed limit with a corrective facial curvature that also protects against heel and foot bumps.
Equipment Bag Through The GrooveOur most flexible Speed Pocket design is designed to maximize ball speed and provide additional forgiveness at low hits.
Scale Of Distributed MassWith a TPS weight on the sole of the stick and 16 grams of steel on the back, this design element promotes greater spin and forgiveness properties, while at the same time allowing precise weight swing targets during adjustment.

How does this perform?

Over the last few generations of the driver, TaylorMade has taken on a look. The carbon crown with a contrasting color stripe on the front edge is instantly recognizable as a TM, with or without a logo. For me, SIM2 Max is one of the best versions of this style they have made.

Compared to the SIM2 driver, the SIM2 Max is longer from front to back, with a slightly shallower side. These differences are not large but are noticeable when pilots sit next to each other.

Once in the bag, SIM2 Max is identical to SIM2, keep “MAX” under the SIM2 brand. Those with a sharp eye will notice that the weight is slightly closer to the fifth SIM2 Max.
Feeling And SoundIf you read my review of the SIM2 driver, you know I like the feel of this club. When I took the SIM2 Max, I was afraid I would be disappointed; often the leader of the “player” feels much better than the one who forgives. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the SIM2 Max driver has the same exceptional feel as the SIM2.

Hitting a golf ball with the SIM2 Max is incredibly strong and creates a “crack” in the center of the course. The sound is good, but it is the feeling that makes this club’s so much fun to play.

Although a forgiving head, the SIM2 Max driver gives good feedback to the hands. If you are careful, you will have no problem discovering where the ball is with your face. The surprisingly small difference between SIM2 Max and SIM2 is that I found more audio feedback on SIM2 Max.
PerformanceReading the illuminated TaylorMade on SIM2 driver gives a clear view of SIM2 Max. It uses the same technology as SIM2: spin speed injection plane, forged ring construction, SIM inertial generator, both of which have a maximum allowable 460 cc. The differences are that SIM2 Max is charged as Mid Launch instead of Low, and Higher Forgiveness instead of High.


I’d like to tell you that I discovered something drastically different during testing, but I didn’t. The SIM2 Max driver is exactly what TaylorMade claims: a more forgiving, newer version of SIM2 (number lovers rejoice, you can compare the LM numbers in this review to those in SIM2).

Both SIM2 changes were useful to me. Additional forgiveness led to a slight increase in average ball speed. The larger launch angle and slightly higher rotation also contributed a bit to my average distances. The differences were not large, but in a larger sample, I think they could increase. It is also worth repeating that I am a small speed player, so you might notice bigger differences in rotation between the two heads of the SIM2 driver.

Golfers are often torn between the driver they want and the driver they need. Bringing the exceptional feel of SIM2 to SIM2 Max, TaylorMade wisely decided to forgive even more.

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